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Work Smarter Masterclass

Work Smarter Masterclass

Maximise Your Productivity & Achieve More 


This a two hour high energy workshop is aimed at improving your personal productivity.  Fast track your way through best practice productivity strategies, quick hacks, and habits so you can find your own productivity method quickly.  This is the ultimate workshop to help you master the principles of productivity and establish a system that allows you to get what matters done.



  • Supporting people on how to be more  productive in hybrid/asynchronous working  environments
  • How to gain focus in an ‘always on world’  full of distractions and better prioritise what  truly matters
  • Finding a smarter way of working that  improves efficiency and effectiveness
  • Ease overwhelm by providing proven best  practice methods that work
  • Creating a sense of accomplishment with a  sense of progress and flow
  • Understanding how you work at your best  and manage your energy




  • The Productivity Formula
  • A bespoke productivity system that  works
  • Learn three best practice productivity  methods and productivity hacks
  • How to master and prioritise your to-do  list
  • Email hacks and tips to tackle your  inbox
  • Weekly Planning and practices to sustain your week with the right focused effort
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