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About Me.

I'm a wellpreneur, leadership trainer and coach who loves nothing more than standing in front of room ‘waking leaders up’ to the importance of self leadership and helping people work out how to thrive at work and life without burning out.

Wanting to create bigger impact, I left corporate life and setup my own business, WellYou, a few months before Covid hit. Perfect timing as many of us navigated remote working and leading our people through challenging times. I have since run resilience programs, leadership programs from new mangers to senior leaders, wellbeing and productivity training for companies like FiftyFiveFive, Kantar, WPP, Belong, Lendi, Thinkerbell, Qantas…to name a few.

My Story


I once thought I was 'Wonder Woman'. Invincible. I could do it all. Have it all. An overachiever workaholic who thrived on stress and challenge. So much so, I worked myself sick. Real sick. Never get better kind of sick.

Over the last 10 years, I have battled to stay alive. It took me losing everything, including my health, to learn what truly matters to me. I have defied all odds surviving and keep getting up to face every day with a smile on my face embracing all that life has to offer - 'The Happy Warrior'.

Despite my health, I have built a life of exceptional achievements. Bringing up two children, battling several chronic illnesses whilst creating a successful career has been no mean feat. Through my adversity, being able to inspire others to take care of their wellbeing, teach them how to perform at their best, and figure out how to live their fullest life brings me so much joy.

Whilst I can, my legacy now is to continue to share these life lessons by helping others learn how to navigate the best life possible in a constantly changing world. To change and 'wake up' the corporate culture where people can actually show up as their true selves, take care of their wellbeing and thrive at work and in life.

Proven Track Record


Fleur created real change in the communication industry by reducing burnout and creating a sustainable workplace at WPPAUNZ. Over the least three years, she has been the Wellbeing & Talent Development Director leading the wellbeing strategy for the largest wellbeing programme in Australia and NZ with over 80 companies and 5,500 people.

She delivers training programmes, wellbeing initiatives and education across these businesses to help individuals show up as their best selves at work and in life. She also has built a a team of 56 Wellbeing Ambassadors who help deliver the wellbeing initiatives across these 80 companies. She continues to shine the light on the importance of wellbeing within this industry and changes lives daily.

She was recently nominated 2019 Champion of Change for B&T Women in Media Awards.

Find out more about her story at TenDaily.

Autoimmune Warrior.  Breast Cancer Survivor. Stylist. Authentic Leader. Wellbeing Expert. Trainer. Mum. Lover of all things sequin.

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