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Leadership Programs

In a world that's often uncertain and complex, what we truly need are leaders who stand up with integrity, accountability, and courage, no matter where they are in an organisation. That's where we come in. We offer leadership programs for all levels.  We focus on upskilling leaders to be resilient, drive meaningful change and help leaders operate and role model sustainable ways of working together. All our programs start with self leadership for in order to lead others, you must first lead yourself and then practise the art and discipline of serving others. 



New Manager

This leadership progam is for those new to leading a team. It focuses on the core building blocks of becoming a manager:

  • Self leadership

  • Active Listening

  • Effective Delegation

  • Giving & Receiving Feedback

  • Navigating difficult conversations


Be the Leader

This leadership program is all about helping your leaders rise above 'the do' and learn how to effectively lead and motivate others. Modules covered: 

  • Self Leadership

  • Leading vs Managing

  • Empowering & motivating others 

  • Effective delegation

  • Situational leadership

  • Courageous conversations 

  • Performance Management & Feedback


Leaders Eat Last

This leadership program is for experienced leaders who understand any organisation’s success or failure is based on first leading yourself and then practicing the art and discipline of serving others. This program will: 

  • Build an understanding of what it means to be an authentic leader 

  • Create space to reflect on their leadership journey so far 

  • Shape how they want to show up as a leader

  • Develop strategies, techniques and skills to effectively engage, motivate and influence others 

  • Understand the importance of creating a safe environment

  • Define and shape their Leadership Ambition and plan 

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