Fleur the flower

Keynote Speaker

Fleur is an experienced inspirational speaker. She loves nothing more than inspiring others by telling her raw, real and truly life changing personal wellbeing story.

She can speak on various wellbeing topics - why wellbeing matters, how to be your best self, dealing with change, leadership. All her talks are high energy, relatable, vulnerable and immediately actionable.


Fleur Talks

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From Superwoman to Superhuman

Fleur tells her story from being an overachieving superwoman to being chronically ill. This is a vulnerable personal story about an overachiever successful workaholic superwoman who worked herself chronically sick and fighting for her life.  People hearing this keynote will be humbled, moved and inspired. For some it will be the wakeup call they needed. After this talk, you will walk away with insights into how to live your best life, what strength you have within you, how to create the life you want to live possible despite how to navigate adversity and own who you are.


Thank you Fleur for giving up your time to work with our marketing team. The impact that you had on them all was extraordinary. Your honest, raw but inspiring story resonated fiercely with everyone and through your keynote and workshop, they all developed a deeper understanding of the importance of showing up to work as their whole self, while discovering a new found appreciation for their work colleagues and what they offer the organisation. 

Anthony Del-Grande
GM Loyalty & CRM

The Star Entertainment Group


"A mind is like a parachute. It doesn't work if it is not open"

Frank Zappa