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Resilience & Best Self Masterclass

Resilience & Best Self Masterclass

As the familiar phrase goes, “Change is the only constant.” This two hour workshop will help you understand the power of a positive mindset to navigate stress, learn practical techniques to build your resilience, and understand how to show up as your best self so you can sustain the pace of work and life.



  • Learning adaptive responses to stress and  prevent feelings of burnout in today’s world
  • Building self leadership and self mastery
  • Understanding the power of a positive  mindset
  • Mastering resilience building practices that  will cultivate strength and productivity  despite what life throws at you
  • Equip your people to better deal with  organisational changes
  • Shared understanding as a team of how to  get the best out of each other




  • Understand how to deal with stress,  your stressors and adaptive coping  strategies to manage stress
  • What characterises resilient people and  four key elements (attention, thoughts,  action, and motivation) that we should  focus on to be more resilient
  • Build resilience rituals, mindfulness  practices and strategies for navigating  challenges
  • Determine your best self traits, enablers  and blockers for you to be at your best
  • Identify self care practices to navigate  whatever life throws at you


  • In-room or virtual
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