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Performance Mindset Masterclass

Performance Mindset Masterclass

This two hour workshop will help your people understand how to sustain the demands on them at work and in life, figure out how to perform well and ultimately find their flow and the right performance mindset to do their best work.



  • People wanting to sustain the pace and  enjoy long-term peak performance
  • Increasing competence and self-  improvement to excel in a high-pressure  environment
  • Finding a state of flow through understanding your motivations,  strengths and what drives you
  • Understanding the impact of your beliefs  towards your actions and results
  • Learning how to develop a high  performance mindset




  • Understanding the optimal mindset for unlocking  your best self
  • The power of a growth mindset
  • The elements of self leadership and impact on your  mindset
  • Find your sweet spot through understanding your  values, strengths and motivations
  • Marginal gains theory - the knowledge that regular  small improvements add up to large eventual  gains
  • Stacking technique - combining the activities that  motivate you most and align them with your work
  • The types of grit and discipline needed to maintain  a performance mindset plus a 30 day performance  plan



In-room preferred

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