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Work Smarter Planner (Digital)

Work Smarter Planner (Digital)

Welcome to this Work Smarter Planner, designed to help you be productive whilst working remotely, in a hybrid way or in the office for that matter!

This planner is guaranteed to help you sustain good habits as you adjust to your new work from home life, to kick start your day with clear intention, get clear on what the most important tasks are each day, and help establish your new work from home routine.

This planner will help you by:

Giving you a true sense of accomplishment as you progress through the month
Taking control of your time and gain clarity about how best to invest it
Making it easy for you to plan and focus on what is important, and get that done
Helping you get in flow with your new way of working
Providing inspiration with daily quotes and reflection each day
Improving your productivity habits and prioritisation skills so you manage your time wisely
Starting your day with positive habits and intention to keep you on track
Reminding you to celebrate your achievements and practice gratitude for the good things in your life




This Work Smarter digital planner will help you design a productive, effective & meaningful workday. It is undated for a three month period allowing you to establish productive habits over this time.


Each page of the planner guides you to set your intentions for the day, get clear on your most important tasks, organize your to-do’s by priority, kick start your day with self-care habits using the Miracle Morning SAVERS method, and prompts you to celebrate the day with gratitude and reflection.


It is an editable pdf so you can either choose to save your entries each day or print the page every day.  


  • Undated Month Calendar – map out your key commitments/events
  • Month Intention Setting Plan – set your month up with clear goal setting and prioritisation
  • Weekly Plan – determine your focus, habits and intention for your week ahead
  • Day Plan – carefully designed to focus your day, including morning and evening reviews, and a structured to-do list 
  • End of Week Check-In - Assess your week’s progress and end of week mindset
  • Month End Review – Reflect on your month and celebrate your achievements
  • Daily Quotes – to inspire you 

This planner will change the way you work, help you focus on what's important and give you a true sense of accomplishment.

  • Further Information

    Please email Fleur at if you have any issues downloading your planner or questions. We welcome your feedback and would love to hear how this planner has helped you be more productive as you progress through the coming weeks.

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