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VIP Intensive Coaching Day with Fleur

VIP Intensive Coaching Day with Fleur

This package is designed for senior leaders who  want to create space to plan and accelerate  their impact as a leader. It can be as a one-on-one coaching session focusing on your leadership growth or bring a couple of your team to work together on how best to solve and plan. You can come to Byron, I can come to you or we can do it via Zoom.



  • A deep dive business assessment on three hot  topics important to you. We will assess where  you are now, where you want to go, what needs  to be focused on and what is the real challenge.
  • Gain clarity on your best next actionable steps  and shape a plan so you can deliver with impact.
  • Receive coaching and guidance with a fresh  perspective that will help you gain clarity and  streamline your path forward.


  • A 30 minute intention setting call within a  week prior to your VIP day to set yourself up  for success
  • A full VIP Intensive Day customised to you  and your business
  • A 45 minute private coaching session to be  utilised within 30 days following your  intensive VIP day.



The focus of your very own VIP customisable day  can be on you and your leadership growth (eg  helping you tackle team challenges, your people  plan, how to motivate and energise your team)  or your marketing strategy, or simply tackling 3  hot topics. Fully customisable to you.


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