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Reset. Refuel. Renew Offsite

Reset. Refuel. Renew Offsite

This one day offsite will

  • allow create space for your team to be  together and learn about each other beyond the work. 
  • foster shared collaboration,  understanding and language of  how to navigate working  together better.
  • arm your team with immediately actionable skills to navigate today's world individually and  together.
  • Connect, reset, refuel and refuel  your team and culture outside of  the day-to-day doing.


Three Parts

Part One - Self Leadership - Build self leadership, understanding the power of a positive mindset, master resilience building practices, deepen your understanding of how to perform at your best. Build a shared understanding as a team of how to get the best out of each other too!


Part Two - Ways of Working - Learn game changing productivity best practices, how to remain energised and focused on the important not just the urgent.Learn ways to deal with overwhelm/procrastination. Overcome distractions in an 'always on' world and find your flow wherever you are working


Part Three - Better Together - Share top challenges, create space to share and understand what matters most to your team, define a clear plan so you can collectively perform at your best


This offsite is an invaluable investment in team building, productivity and fostering a shared culture of understanding and togetherness.



“I really appreciated today and everyone having the  willingness to open up and share! I think it only  builds on our strong connections that already exist so that’s great.

I went into the session wanting to let go of  frustrations I have and boy, I can’t stop smiling! I  feel very centred and have let go of the feelings  (that I cannot control).

I think Fleur was an amazing host with wise  knowledge, her story and attitude to life was  inspiring. Thanks so much."

Lucy | Account Manager



“So much appreciation goes to you Fleur. Thursday’s session was by  far the best training session we’ve had at GTB over the past 6  years. And we’ve had some really good training sessions! I think the timing could not have been better, the content was  what the Dr ordered, and the ease in which you took us through  the journey of discovery was well paced, energetic, gentle, inclusive  and well punctuated. The tools were well suited to the diverse mix  of people across the team, and the workbook was a great leave  behind.  I don’t think it will stray far from my desk for a little while!

If I could wish one thing, I wish every employee could have the  same opportunity as we’ve been lucky to have. It really was a  beautiful and useful gift.”

Magdalina Triantafyllidis | Managing Director,  GTB, Australia

Run as an in-room experience. Simply add to cart and Fleur will be in touch to work with you

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